Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

John Flansburgh and I are in love

Okay, I had the best dream ever in the whole world ever this morning, and it made me wake up happy happy happy. It totally blows that crappy Justin Timberlake thing out of the water.

I went to see the Gigantic documentary in New York. It hasn't come out yet in real life, but when it does, it will be a documentary about They Might Be Giants. When I got there, I was the only one who bought tickets, or something. The show was later that day. Since I was the only person, JOHN FLANSBURGH had to entertain me the rest of the afternoon. Dear God.

First we went to this weird place that reminded me of an elementary school auditorium. There were lots of people there, weird New York artsy people standing around in little groups. John and I stood together and made small talk. See, here's why this dream was so amazing: it was incredibly realistic. In the Justin Timberlake dream, we were at a Tibetian monastary, and practicing swordplay (haha, I mean literally), and we totally hit it off, which was nice, but real fake, you know? Whereas, if for some wacky reason -- like, say I won a contest or something -- John Flansburgh was forced to hang out with me for an afternoon, this is totally how it would be. He was friendly, and funny, but things were kind of awkward and weird, just like when you meet someone for the first time. After the auditorium we went someplace else -- we had some sort of itinerary to follow -- and then after that we went to this tiny bar and sat at a table. A bar or pub like Tattoo Mom's or The Blarney South, very narrow, with music playing but no dancing, not too crowded. As we walked through the bar to get to a table in the back, we passed a few tables of girls who I knew had come to the city to see the documentary, and they saw who I was with and their eyes got all big with shock and envy, but they didn't say anything. We sat at the table and both ordered beer in bottles. It was New York, so I probably couldn't have been drinking Yuengling; possibly it was an Amstel Light. I remember thinking, this really is happening, and appreciating how lucky I was. After a beer or two John and I started laughing more, and loosening up -- just as though it were real life. It felt wonderful.

After the bar we went to the theater to see the screening of the movie. John sat next to me. We chatted during the thing. We didn't fall in love or anything (I'm not sure how my subconscious handled his married status), but with the beers, we were definitely looking at each other. Sometime during the movie I woke up. It took a moment for me to realize that it hadn't really happened, and that was disappointing -- but still, I was glad to have spent the time with him, you know? Even though it wasn't real, it was real to me at the time, and that's just fantastic.
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