Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Flansy in the soda can

I'm listening to Mink Car on my computer speakers, and there's this wakka-wakka-wakka in "Bangs" that I swear I've never heard before. Ooh, and now there's a . . . knocking sound in "Mr. Xcitement" that I've never heard before! How can this be? Does my car stereo, unbeknownst to me, suck a nut? I'll have to investigate this further.

But the thing that I came here to say was about Holidayland, an album given to me for Christmas. I put it on, and "Santa Claus" was eh, "Santa's Beard" I've always liked but it's very familiar . . . and then "Festival of Lights" came on. There's just something about a brand-new John Linnell song that makes me so very happy and so very sad all at once. Happy because I have a new John Linnell song, sad because the man seems so sad all the time. It's a great song, small and tender and naive and brilliant. And then "O Tenenbaum" -- I want to marry this man.

But really I don't. I mean, if I were married to John Linnell, I'd always be looking at John Flansburgh and thinking, "sure my John is a genius, but John can really fucking rock," and if I were married to John Flansburgh, I'd always be looking at John Linnell and thinking, "sure my John is 'cool' [by very nerdy standards, conceded], but John is just so misunderstood and genius". So I guess I'll just have to marry Dan Miller. I like his hat.
Tags: music, there may be giants

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