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Do they wobble to and fro

While home for lunch, I caught the tail-end of the twelve-o'-clock Action News. The tail-end of newscasts are always dangerous, because that's where they talk about the STUPID shit. Today, the stupid shit was some kid, early twenties I think, who, through years of tugging, has suceeded in making his earlobes very long and droopy. Like that Girl Scout song. He was recently entered into the Guiness Book of World Records for flinging a dime eleven feet, or something, by using his earlobes. No one has ever flung a dime eleven feet with his earlobes before.

Okay, so, weirdo, right? But that's not my point. After coming back from the video of this kid flinging dimes, the newscaster says, and I quote, "he needs to get a life."

Man, this really pissed me off. I mean, I don't think this guy is really cool or anything -- like I said, he's a weirdo -- but she had no right to say that shit. First of all, you're a fucking afternoon news anchor. You're an ANCHOR. No one's watching you anyway except housewives waiting for Port Charles to come on, but it is not your place to editorialize. Second of all, that's not editorializing anyway -- that's just a flat-out insult. We all KNOW this dude is weird. You don't need to make fun of him for it. And if you're going to make fun of him, at least tease him or something, don't tell him to fucking get a life. I realized this afternoon that I really don't like that retort, "get a life." Who are you to say? You may think that something is stupid, but so what? The point of life is to be happy, not cool. If this guy is happy tugging on his earlobes, and doesn't mind the ridicule, then I say, tug away! "Get a life" is an insult which indicates a lack of respect for someone else and how they choose to spend their time. It's ALWAYS that lack of respect, people, which causes all the problems. Really. Any beef you have with someone -- think about it, boil it down to its essence -- it's probably about lack of respect. Where was I going with this?

Oh yes -- and also, dude, okay, this guy's weird, but he doesn't even necessarily need a life. I mean, tugging on your earlobes is not a life. He did this sitting in class, or while watching tv, or while driving, and after years of tugging, they are huge. It's not like some kids from school were like "yo, you want to hang out after school today?" and he was like "nah, man, I gots to keep working on these lobes." He didn't look thrilled to be in these pictures, either; he was probably like, well, here's this weird thing that I do that everyone makes fun of me about, may as well try to make a buck offa it. I don't know how he's actually making money or anything, I'm just saying, he looked a little embarassed.

So anchor lady, if you're going to be an obnoxious bitch on television, at least say something GOOD. Can I at least expect a "this kid's got problems"? Or "this kid's got some serious fidgeting issues"? Or just a blank stare, right at the camera? THAT I would have liked. Or a sarcastic "you heard it here first", that always works.

Um . . . this post is FAR longer than its subject matter warrants, but there you have it.

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