Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

It's all over for me, friends.

Okay, so, you know how when you go skiing, the next day the muscles in the back of your calves hurt? I mean, a LOT of me hurts, but mostly the back of my calves, from, I don't know, holding myself up in the boots, leaning back, or leaning forward, or something. Yesterday the back of my RIGHT calf, just the right one ladles and jellyspoons, starting hurting in a similar manner. I haven't been skiing lately. What the hell could this have come from, I wondered? The most physical exertion I put myself through these days is the trek from my couch to the bathroom, my couch to my kitchen. But now today it's WORSE! It's WORSE! Oh, god, people, what's happened to me? Do you think I have some sort of degenerative muscle disease, that the cells of my muscles are dissolving? They're liquefying! I'm going to have to get my legs drained! You're going to have to push me around in a wheelchair, instead of just -- I was trying to make some sort of "pushing me around" joke here, but I just woke up recently and can't think of one. It's affecting the verbal processes of my brain! Ah God, this is the end.

Culann says it's probably just a charley horse, and I should eat a banana.


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