Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Ode to Michelle

Today is Michelle's birfday! Everyone say Happy Birthday Michelle, right there at your desk! "Happy Birthday, Michelle!" we resound.

She never reads LiveJournal anymore, but I'm wishing her a happy birthday here anyway.

And today is unseasonably warm! Generally that's my schtick: my birthday is in February, and for four or five years in a row it was unseasonably warm on my birthday. Then last year it wasn't remarkably cold, but I'm not going to lie and say it was remarkably warm, if it wasn't, which it wasn't. I still say God and I are like this (--><--), but maybe it's someone else's turn. And maybe that someone is Michelle.

Michelle is my best friend. I know I go on and on about Mitchell, but when you come right down to it, let's face it, a girl's best friend is another girl, and Michelle's it. She is also, without question, the Funnest Person I Know. And I know some fun people.

One time in college Michelle was in one of her outdoorsy dirt classes, and the instructor was instructing, and Michelle was watching a plane in the sky. So she got yelled at, and had to dig the hole. There's Michelle, right there for you.

Michelle is also a person who can be sober around drugged (read drug - ed) people and be great. She doesn't really do drugs anymore; but when you're high she doesn't look at you like you're stupid. And if you're trippin', she'll never try to bug you out or anything; she'll just talk to you about stuff you'd want to talk about when you're tripping, and point out stuff you'd like to look at when you're tripping. And if everybody starts getting a little nervous and unsure, she'll take charge and send Mambo home and totally take care of everybody's tripping, stupid asses. And she still drinks with the best of 'em. Coronas are her favorite. And you know what? She don't need no stinkin' limes. Know why? 'Cause she's hardcore.

I didn't like Michelle when first I encountered her. Let's be honest: I hated her. I didn't like the questions she asked in Chem Lab. But by the end of the semester we were lab partners and she dropped a thermometer on the floor and got mercury all over the place. And from there it was perfection.

Every birthday since freshman year, Michelle makes us take her out to dinner. It's always great. This year we went to the Melting Pot which was a fondue place, and MAN THAT RULED. So much food, so much delishus food.

She says I make fun of her too much, but that's because I think she's amazing and wonderful, and when she messes something up, like a word or not thinking of something, I'm in love and I want to make her laugh. Oh, also she's absolutely gorgeous, did I mention that? And I'm not just saying that, ask anybody.

She has a boyfriend who loves her, but I think she's too good for him. But I also think that I'll ALWAYS think that she's too good for her boyfriend, no matter who he ever is.

And she has balls! No, like, literally! That's what makes her so tough.

I showed her Barbarella freshman year. I was worried she would think it was dumb, but she didn't! She liked it so much she was Barbarella for Halloween two years ago. And this Christmas I got her the movie . . . but as I was buying it, it seemed so familiar, and I was worried I had already gotten it for her as a gift, but I hadn't! Hooray.

Sometimes I'm scared of her. If I've done something stupid, I know she'll yell at me. But that's what good friends do. They're of no use to you if they tell you everything you do is right, if that's not the case. And lately I've been hesitant to tell her things, scared . . . but then she doesn't yell, not even a little bit. I think it's because she misses me as much as I miss her.

And she's an engineer, just like me! She studies harder than I. And takes naps like me, but isn't a bitch when she wakes up (like me). And got me hooked on General Hospital. And is beautiful. And sells Mary Kay cosmetics. She's the perfect mix of a real girl and . . . well, me. So happy birthday Michelle! I miss being your roommate.

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