Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Been thinking about you, Thom

I listened to Radiohead's Kid A the other night, on the drive home from my friend's house. It made me think of some things.

First of all, wow. I have been a supporter of Kid A since its release. I concede that it's a tough album to get into. I like to sing along to my music, and you certainly can't do that very much with this album. But I maintain that it's still a good and interesting album, perhaps best suited for the car at night, or if you're smoking and talking with someone in your dimly lit living room. (The song "Idioteque", however, I am crazy about, and is appropriate anywhere, any time). And then Amnesiac came out, and it was just as good, almost as different, and had a LOT more stuff to which I could sing along. I love that album. And I suppose I got used to it, because the other night Kid A seemed foreign and "inaccessible". Still good, just maybe not as engaging.

I know a lot of Radiohead fans dropped off after OK Computer; I can understand that. I think the reason Radiohead and I have gotten along so well is that we've been traveling the same roads. In high school I listened to guitar bands, and my taste has been moving more towards electronic music since then. And so have they.

There's something special about the bands that you've liked since the beginning. I'm not saying you had to discover them -- I initially heard of most of my favorite bands through fairly mainstream sources -- but to have known them since their first album, it's nice to watch them grow up. And it's also nice for an album to remind you of the time that it actually appeared, you know? Like, Little Earthquakes reminds me of summer after eighth grade, on vacation with my best friend Nancy on Martha's Vineyard, watching the video of "Crucify" with contactless eyes at four in the morning in the living room of a big house that belonged to the parents of a boy we met in town, when we were supposed to be in our hotel room.

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