Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

2, 12, 22, 32, 42, and 52

In the mornings I hear the traffic report. The traffic report which used to be SO important to me, and is now just a bit of trivia. Almost every day, things are backing up on 42 (the first length of highway I used to drive to get to Philadelphia) by seven ay em. I am so thankful to be able to get to work in under 5 minutes these days. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

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    Today is Thursday. Settlement on the sale of our house is Tuesday. I took the dog for a walk today, and I started to get a little emotional.

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    So it wasn't until late 2013 that I learned how amazing Ursula K. Le Guin is, and how much I adore her. I have been slow in getting through her…

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