Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

My neck is killing me. Here is why.

This morning when my alarm went off, I got up and went to the bathroom. Then I came back into my room and decided that since I had only snoozed it once or something, I had plenty of time and didn't need to start getting ready just yet. So I turned on the light in my room and propped up all four of my pillows and sat up in bed. I figured that these measures would keep me from falling too far asleep.

I think I knew that these measures would not be enough to keep me from falling asleep. I sabotage myself on purpose, because I enjoy sleeping so much more than going to work.

I dozed off almost immediately, for a surprisingly long time (I believe over an hour). I had a dream that I was in a hotel room in some other country. It was an Asian country (there are Asian people later in the dream). The room was in my name, but I had a few friends over. We did something wrong, I can't remember anymore what that was. We were also smoking pot. Then I did a second wrong thing. The second thing was that I plugged something into an outlet that you were only supposed to use if there was a fire. It was labeled, but it was next to all the other outlets, and I was a little high. As soon as the fire alarm went off, and people immediately began exiting their rooms, I yanked the cord out and the alarm turned off.

But it was too late. The authorities came and dragged me to an interrogation room. Luckily they didn't notice the marijuana smell, but I was paranoid the whole time that they would. And being a little high, I wasn't dealing with the interrogation very well. They sat me at a long table, and lots of Asian people (there they are!) kept asking me questions, one at a time. My mom came, but she couldn't do much of anything. The kept making me hold my head in an awkward positon, and it caused my neck to hurt.

This, of course, was my neck on the propped-up pillows, while the rest of my body was supine. I woke up at around 8am, which is when I'm supposed to be at work.

But I got here eventually. Blah.

And my left thumb is STILL twitching! I'm such a mess.

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