Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips


I have fallen in love with garlic.

I didn't know much about real garlic until a few months ago, when this whole Cooking phase started up. I love garlic. I love the way the little bulbs break off. I love to peel it, and I love how smooth it is underneath. And sometimes it has a little green tongue, though I'm not sure if you're supposed to eat that or not. I love the way it feels when I cut it with my ginormous 8" Chef's Knife. I love the way it makes my apartment smell for days. But mostly I love the way it makes my fingers smell the next day. I wash my hands like a normal person, but it still takes a while for the smell to wear off; until then I sit at my computer, staring at the screen, with one hand to my nose, smelling. And garlic juice is real sticky, which I suppose I don't love, but it is a surprise, and I like surprises.

I bought ginger root for the first time yesterday. It's fibrous and wet and will never replace garlic, but it screams "Asian cuisine" and I like that about it. I never knew what the taste of ginger was. That is, it's a totaly familiar taste, I just hadn't known that that was ginger.

Hey Jon, what's your recipe for roasted garlic, again?

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