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I believe I said that

A horse wearing a bowler hat is not necessarily a stockbroker.

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Hot Dips
26 February 1978
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I'm a licensed civil engineer, working on land development and municipal engineering in Gloucester and Salem Counties, in South Jersey. If I happen to have an ambiguously gendered username at the moment, then be informed that I'm a lady. I like my job, but don't really care for work, per se -- not enough napping -- so if you'd like to support me financially, asking nothing in return, by all means, drop me a line. I have the most amazing husband in the world. I don't watch terrible movies, because life is too short. I like to see live music. I don't mind being dirty, if it's for a little while. I like to cook -- I'm no expert, but I get better every time. I like to read and to play Nintendo. I am a birder. I like making my Halloween costumes. I have a ridiculous group of friends, who constantly amaze and surprise me in amazing and surprising ways. Chris and I own a home, with a too-steep driveway and a fire in the den and lots of birds in the backyard. I feel very strongly about my LiveJournal interests list: if it's in there, then by God, I'm interested. I like long walks, sunsets, and getting caught in the rain.

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adult swim, amateur carpentry, animal monkey sex, awkwardly correct grammar, bands with lots of instruments, being right, being selfish, being wooed, birthdays, bonnaroo, boys, brunets, brunettes, calculus, calling out of work, change, cheese, chillin' chillin', chopsticks, chris, climbing trees, coitus, colorful mexican blankets, conversation, cooking dinner for boys, courtesy, cowboy bebop, cunnilingus, dancing, dark chocolate, dave barry, diners, dr. katz, driving with the windows down, drunk html ninja skillz, eating, eddie izzard, elvis costello, english muffin pizzas, feeling post-coital, fellatio, fighting, figuring stuff out, flip-flops, food, football, garlic, genius scientists, getting dirty, getting stuck, gilmore girls, girls with boys' names, happy morning surprises, hardcore baking, having a kip, homestar runner, hooded sweaters, horns in my rock-n-roll, hosting parties, humorous tyos, humping the air wizard, ice cream, jazz & pasta, jeremy (the comic), jim beam, jungian slips, kohmu, kurt vonnegut, lasagna, laughing, lewis black, live music, lollipops, long hot showers, looking out for number one, louis prima, madonna, making decisions, making out, making out with marzipan, making sweet sweet love, mark and lard, marsh melons, maxine hong kingston, mitch hedberg, monkeying around, movies that don't suck, mr. spock, my scion xb, napping, napping outside, nerd camp, new jersey, newsradio, nintendo, not making decisions, pee-wee's playhouse, people watching, pete and pete, poetry that rhymes, prepositions that don't dangle, project runway, r.e.m., radiohead, redheads, respect, roughhousing, ruby red grapefruit juice, salvia, sarcasm, scabs, scary go round, sex, showing some fucking respect, sleeping, smoking, snorlax, soul coughing, spending money, spring, squigglevision, star trek, staring inappropriately, steak (rare), steve martin, stories about time travel, strawberries yum, sunshine, surprises, sushi, talented geniuses, tenchi, terry gilliam, the philadelphia eagles, the polyphonic spree, the subjunctive mood, the sun, the little man in the boat, they might be giants, toaster ovens, totoros, tripping, troublemaking, ununderlined interests, using hrefs for footnotes, venture brothers, video games, watching tv, wooing, yelling

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